Daughter of the Wind — result

OCEAN SCHOOL                                                                           SOCHI, RUSSIA                               “EVERYTHING CAN BE FOUND AT SEA, ACCORDING TO SPIRIT OF YOUR QUEST”. JOSEPH CONRAD.




Reading SAILING ALONE AROUND THE WORLD by JOSHUA SLOCUM at the age of sixteen started a dream to build a replica of SPRAY. After over forty years that dream has become a reality but in a very different boat. SELF-BUILT and SELF-DESIGNED: DAUGHTER OF THE WIND, WITH THE SAME SELF-STEERING ABILITY AS JOSHUA SLOCUM’S SPRAY.



Viktor Yazykov — born 29th October 1948 in the village of Lazarevskoe on the Black Sea shore of Russia.

fishing with my father from an early age.

working at the local boatyard, building wooden boats, dinghy racing Finn, FD, 470, Tornado.

Military service as a paratrooper.

attended the Naval College and Fishing as a navigating officer on the North Pacific Seas

leading the local Yacht Club in Nakhodka, Japan Sea Far East of Russia.

Skipper of the first Soviet sailing yacht to Japan.

Building and Racing the first Soviet Maxy Fazisy in Round the World Whitbread Race 1989-90.

Single-handed Transatlantic Race 1992 in self built 30 Foot Laguna.

Around Alone 1998-99 in self built Open 40 Wind of Change.

Single-handed Transatlantic Race 2000.

Design and construction    Daughter of the Wind 2003-08.


Technical progress became the trap of the modern man and contributed to the degradation, instead of the evolution, as had been predicted.  The dominating majority of us amply demonstrate this principal on the steps of a subway escalator – as soon as we find ourselves on the moving steps, the desire to move disappears.  And while there is a substantial number of those who want to start moving DOWN, only a few elect to move UP.  If we look closely at ourselves, we will see proof of this tendency in everyday lives.

The foundation of our striving to capitalize on the achievements of prior generations and modern technological progress to design and build Daughter of the Wind lays the idea of creating the most suitable conditions for self-improvement and spiritual growth.


DAUGHTER of the WIND project was launched in July 2003.


Yacht design: July – October 2003.

Construction: October 2003 – May 2007.

Sea Trials: Black and Mediterranean seas, July – September 2007.

Modifications and builing a new mast: September 2007 – July 2008.

Sea Trials: Tuapse – Istanbul – Malta – Gibraltar – Madeira – Canaries – Barbados – Charleston, USA:  August — Novenber 2008

Charleston, USA – Newport, USA – Southampton, England.  April : June 2009.

After putting afloat we covered 25 000 miles, of which 15 000 miles alone, twice crossed the Atlantics. All the integrated ideas are successfully carried out. A yacht easily steers a course with lashed tillerf, is easy to control, has high tacking capabilities and maneuvering abilities. She is fast and safe in different weather conditions.

The further preparations for the round-the-world trip, the obtaining and installation of equipment and supply are planned for May – August 2010.

«Daughter of the Wind” Specifications


Length — 10,5 meters

Width – 3,2 m

Sail Area – 60 sq. m

Draft – 2,4 m

Displacement– 2, 75 t

The main idea of design — maximum saifty at minimal effort. The basic project’s feature is the yacht can steer a course without a crew or an autopilot, just with a lushed tiller.

The strategy of design — combining both the most traditional and cutting-edge technologies and materials – allowed to materialize the best achievements of many generations of experts in boatbuilding. The construction comprises chestnut veneer, balsa core and carbonfiber , all the metal items are made out of titanium, a bulb is made of lead, and free standing rotating wing mast  made of carbonfiber prepregs of  high-temperature curing.




Daughter of the Wind 34 foot long

Light displacement (2.75t ) sailing yacht with:

Freestanding rotating wing mast

Main boom with pusher vang

Hoyt boom for the foresails

Kick up Rudder


The main advantage of the Boat is her unique self-steering ability

The solid carbon fiber keel fin with lead bulb is well positioned and in combination with the dagger board in front of the mast, which is operated from a cockpit, allows it to move the center of a lateral resistance while sailing, so the boat keeps sailing at particular angle to the wind direction with lashed tiller.

Daughter of the Wind keeps sailing dead down wind with lashed tiller up to 18 knots of the boat speed.


Chestnut veneer, balsa core, carbon fiber, epoxy sandwich structure of the hull shell, deck and interior.

Three watertight bulkheads

Ten watertight compartments for storage


Бессмертны идеи, которые способны сами обновляться, питаясь энергией идеалов.

Those ideas are immortal, which are able to renew themselves, nouworishing from the energy of ideals.

И то, что питает их в сознании, можно определить как основной питающий принцип мира.

Если табе удастся понять, как питаются и рождаются идеи в тебе, то ты постигнешь основу построения и идеальной цели и материального воплощения.

Но для того чтобы уловить это, нужно научиться контролировать тончайшие нити мыслей в своём сознании, которые не всегда удаётся вовремя ощутить.

Развивая интуицию, ищи зти нити.

Но они столь тонки, что требуют осторожности и не терпят напряжения ума.


Sailboat — SHE — is a living creature. Building a boat with your own hands creates such a relationship that can not be achieved by any other way.

We have designed and built Daughter of the Wind with the main feature as the self- steering ability that brings a new dimension of freedom.


Now, after 15 000 nm of sailing we can say that Daughter of the Wind is a perfect tool of cognition.


Sailing at such a high level of freedom, with the natural powers of the Sun, Wind and Ocean we have created kind of conditions of  incoming flow of information and knowledge, which we are able to comprehend in synergy, while in solitude and in harmony with the surrounding space. And now, when the false values have disappeared, all that is left is a process and coming feeling of endlessness, eternity and immortality. Immortality that is nothing but a STATE of a HUMAN SPIRIT.


Author: Viktor Yazykov